Easy ChatGPT History Search Chrome Extension

Looking for a way to easily search through your ChatGPT conversations in Google Chrome? The AI Chat Search Chrome Extension is your solution. A simple extension that enables you to ‘full-text’ search through ChatGPT conversation titles and messages directly within Chrome, using the IndexedDB for efficient data storage and retrieval.

NOTE: This is a WIP PoC solution. Contributions much appreciated!

Key Features of AI Chat Search Chrome Extension:

  • Keyword Search: Quickly find specific words or phrases across all your saved ChatGPT conversations (titles and request/replies).
  • Data Privacy: All data is securely stored on your local machine, ensuring your privacy is protected.

Easy Installation Steps:

For now install in developer mode:

  1. Ensure Google Chrome is your browser.
  2. Download and unpack the extension from the GitHub repository.
  3. Navigate to chrome://extensions/ in Chrome, activate Developer mode, then click “Load unpacked”.
  4. Select the directory where your extension files are located to install.

Contribute to AI Chat Search Chrome Extension:

We encourage developers and users alike to contribute to the AI Chat Search Chrome Extension project. Fork the repository, make your enhancements, and push your improvements through a pull request.