GTIN and EAN in a New Era

In the vast and intricate world of commerce, tracking and identifying products is pivotal. This is where EAN (European Article Number) and GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) codes come into play. Initially introduced in the early 1970s as a universal method »

Validate your international phone numbers in Rails

PhonyRails is a Ruby on Rails gem that helps developers normalize and validate phone numbers in their applications. It extends the Phony gem to automatically format phone numbers to international standards and validate them based on the country code. »

GTIN/EAN Generator Code

In this blog post, we demonstrate how to generate and validate EAN-13 barcodes using JavaScript. EAN-13, a 13-digit barcode standard, is crucial for tracking products in retail and inventory systems globally. Each EAN-13 barcode includes a GS1 country »

So you upgraded postgres

So.. you upgraded Postgres (by accident) and are now getting a FATAL: database files are incompatible with server and The data directory was initialized by PostgreSQL version X, which is not compatible with this version Y.Z.. This post shows the quick fix. »

Setting up Atom for Rails development

On a recent development project we chose Atom as editor (instead of our regular Sublime). Here’s how to install it and some tips on what packages to install. »

Load Middleman using

This blog is (at time of writing) made using the awesome Middleman App. To easily write articles and view the result we’ve setup Pow to auto start the Middleman server. »

Running your Node App on Docker

If you’re a code-hipster you create your new apps using Node and of course deploy using Docker ;). This article shows a quick way how. »

Microservices, containers and Docker for dummies

Yesterday we gave a presentation on Microservices, Containers and Docker on eBrella’s ‘Microservices - de hype ontrafeld’ event. Below you can find the slides. Some of the slides contain links to the video shown. If you missed it and want a short introduction »

NodeJS asset pipeline with Handlebars

Coming from Rails we wanted a solid asset pipeline in our Node/Express projects. This article shows how to setup connect-assets with Bower and Handlebars as templates. »

Ruby on Rails presentation

Last year we gave a presentation on Ruby on Rails for a group of developers at PEAK-IT. Below you can find the slides. If you missed it and want an introduction in to Ruby/Rails or an (advanced) hands-on course: drop us a line! »